A Force Multiplier for Your Security Team

EhEye understands the importance of effective security. We unlock the power of your current camera infrastructure to automate the detection of weapons, disturbances and suspicious behaviours. Incidents of interest are instantly displayed to security personnel to allow for the most effective response, keeping your patrons safe from bad behaviour.

Our Solution

How Our Solution Works

Streaming Video

Leverage your existing cameras, or deploy using our market leading Axis partner's.

Secure Processing

Video is processed in real-time onsite, or in the cloud, with the latest deep learning techniques.

Active Monitor

The behaviours of interest are highlighted as alerts for immediate review.


Confirmed alerts are sent along with key information to help streamline front-line response.

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Jan 15, 2018
NBIF Invests in EhEye

Feb 21, 2017
Mother of Invention

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Our mission is simple – to protect. We utilize the most innovative artificial intelligence techniques to unlock the value of existing camera infrastructures, making your security team more effective than ever before. For more information, or a demo of our solution, contact us today.


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